Review: Stem Cell Caviar

  • My skin has always been on the dry side and I have trouble keeping it hydrated. Thankfully, the Stem Cell Caviar medifacial restored moisture to my skin, allowing it to breathe again. My face is also much brighter and has a glow to it.

    The Tesla is also a godsend for women! A 30-minute session with it is equivalent to 1,500 sit-ups as it triggers muscle contractions of up to 50,000 times. I highly recommend this body treatment to women after childbirth, especially if they need to strengthen their pelvic muscles and are tired of doing kegel exercises.

    Writer, CEO of motherswork, Sharon Wong |  @swwongsharon


    I have been struggling with the occasional acne flare-up and skin redness, and the Multi-Nutrient Glow was exactly what I needed. My skin cleared up post-facial and is visibly smoother and more radiant.

    Writer, Nikki Wong |  @wongnikki

  • My skin needs all the help it can get! (More on that later.) My first facial at EPION Aesthetics was the Stem Cell Caviar that proved to be not only effective but also luxurious — I’m sure many friends can attest to the experience and benefits.

    I’ve always had deplorably dry skin, probably from lack of hydration because I’m always too busy for self-care. I can now add tired, old skin on top of that. I’m doing the Collagen Therapy facial at the moment as I heard that it is helpful in many ways to boost collagen and the regeneration of old skin. I love the science behind it all and I’m looking forward to brighter, plumped up skin with more sessions.⁣

    Front liner, Dr Jade Kua |  @drjadekua

  • Being in the business of advocating breastfeeding, positivity, and empowerment, I frequently travel around the globe to conduct workshops, seminars, and trade events. As such, I’m often jet-lagged, have irregular meal timings, and get painful hormonal breakouts due to dehydration.

    In order to cover up blemishes and uphold my confidence, I used to put on thick makeup, which made my skin worse. Eventually I knew that if I wanted to continue what I was doing, I had to start by taking good care of myself — both inside and out.

    I went to EPION to try the Stem Cell Caviar , and right off the bat, the ultrasonic deep cleansing was really effective! It was amazing how the technology could remove all my impurities and dead skin cells in such a painless fashion! Not having to endure any pain to achieve clear and clean skin is definitely a big draw for me, and I noticed how the serum combined with the luxurious caviar mask has made a difference to my skin. Right after the treatment, my skin was radiant, clear, and thoroughly refreshed! It’s been a few days now and I love how clean and bright my complexion has become. My skin is happier and so am I. 🙂” ⁣

    Founder and CEO of Hagen, Yvon Bock |  @yvonbock

  • I have sensitive and dehydrated skin, so I make it a point to invest time and effort in good facial treatments at EPION. The Stem Cell Caviar facial really works wonders for my skin due to the anti-ageing and regenerative properties, and I love that the ultrasonic deep cleanse is pain-free and does not involve any form of squeezing. My skin feels calmer and cleaner after the removal of black and whiteheads. It’s been a week and my skin looks visibly brighter, supple, more moisturised and less tired-looking. I feel amazing because my skin has never felt cleaner and I look forward to going back again!

    Co-Founder of Love Bonito, Rachel Lim |  @ms_rach