Review: Seriously Soothing

  • I have been troubled by postpartum eczema flare-ups for three years. Those who have eczema will know it is extremely unbearable having to deal with dry, itchy, irritated skin. I rarely go out in the sun for fear that my skin will itch uncontrollably.

    I couldn’t believe how EPION’s Seriously Soothing medi-facial, which uses LED red light therapy, instantly eased the itching and redness. It not only calmed down my eczema, but also soothed and hydrated my irritated skin. In addition, the ultrasonic deep cleanse got rid of my clogged pores, which a regular makeup remover can’t do. After the treatment, my skin was glowing, and my friends said so as well!

    I’ve been looking for a place that can treat my sensitive skin with care and I am so glad to have found EPION. I haven’t stopped recommending them to everyone ever since they were able to solve my skin woes. I’m extremely grateful for them, because good skin truly makes me a happier person.

    Founder of S L O W H O U S E, Bella Koh |  @catslavery

  • I love going to EPION because from the moment I step in, I feel like I’m entering a safe and relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The medifacial room set-up is also clean, chic, and warm.

    I have dry skin which causes my oil glands to go into overdrive. To give my congested skin newfound clarity, EPION’s therapist recommended the Seriously Soothing facial. She was patient, pleasant, and even took the time to explain every step of the procedure. The name of my treatment speaks for itself; I felt so relaxed that I actually dozed off shortly after it started. Overall, my experience from start to finish was amazing. My skin looked clearer, refreshed, and less oily. I think I look younger too! Love it

    Business owner, international speaker, and author, Maxine Teo |  @maxineteo29

  • For someone who never really does facials (the last time I did one was 3 years ago, a day before my wedding), my trip to EPION was a real treat for me. My skin has been more sensitive than usual, with redness and mild itching especially around the nose and mouth area.

    The Seriously Soothing treatment really lives up to its name. It was extremely soothing because of the coolness of the lotion, combined with the pleasant and calming scent of the products. During the LED red light therapy, my skin felt a little tingly but there wasn’t any discomfort at all. As a result, my skin feels a lot cleaner and is visibly brighter. The redness and itchiness also went down, and my skin remained hydrated and clear throughout the entire day.

    Furthermore, EPION’s therapist was very pleasant and knowledgeable — I knew I was in good hands when she explained every step of the treatment and made sure that I was comfortable.

    Fashion Stylist, Xindi Siau |  @xindisiau

  • I have combination skin, which is very sensitive, oily and dry. It also looks dull and tired.

    The Seriously Soothing medifacial at EPION really calmed my sensitive skin. First, an ultrasonic deep cleanse painlessly removed all my black and white heads, then an infusion of hyaluronic acid followed to hydrate my dry skin. Lastly, LED red light therapy was used to reduce inflammation and stimulate collage production.

    Although my skin is currently a work-in-progress, I do see a tremendous improvement in colour and texture. My face now has a glow to it and my skin looks less tired and dull.

    Writer, Creative Director of Jessicacindy, Jessica Cindy |  @jessicacindy_life