Review: Multi-Nutrient Glow

  • I have tired skin that needs to be refreshed and lifted from staying up late into the night and being out in the sun for quite a fair bit whenever I have production shoots. It would be nice to see a brighter and more hydrated complexion after a facial treatment, and Multi-Nutrient Glow did exactly that. It was very relaxing and the therapist took time to explain the procedure a step at a time. And I have to say — my face was literally glowing for days. My skin has not felt so hydrated in a long while and I can definitely see the softening of lines around the eye area.

    Fashion Director, Desmond Lim |  @monkiepoo

  • I’ve never thought much about facials because I’ve been blessed with skin that is fairly low maintenance. But boy, was I wrong! After visiting EPION, I was amazed by how the EPION Signia upped my skincare game. I couldn’t stop admiring my skin after the treatment — I never knew my skin could be so smooth and supple. Seriously, it looked even better than I imagined!

    Co-Founder of Neue Fit, Grace Huang |  @thehuangergames


    The Multi-Nutrient Glow is perfect for my skin and was just what I needed. I particularly love the ultrasonic deep cleanse at the start and the warm revitalising mask that follows for intense nourishment. Typically, I’m used to colder masks but this warm mask by EPION is so soothing, it is the perfect way to end a facial. Overall, I’m feeling more refreshed and glad to have finally regained my glow!

    Host, presenter, and coach, Charmaine Yee |  @yeecharmaine

  • I have combination skin that is sensitive, dry, and occasionally blotchy. Apart from that, the area around my eyes also gets a little puffy and tired from too much screen time.

    I opted for the Multi-Nutrient Glow medifacial because I wanted my skin to be hydrated and brighter. Despite feeling quite tired beforehand, I was grateful how much the treatment perked me up. The EPION therapist struck a nice balance between being informative (about each step of the process) and personable, allowing me to relax during the treatment. My facial started with an ultrasonic deep cleanse to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Next, three serums (brightening botanical extracts, retinol, and vitamin C) were infused with a warm ultrasonic permeation — that also aids in thermal lifting and tightening — to nourish the layers within. Lastly, a warm mask was applied to lock in all the nutrients!

    The machines and serums were comfortable and soothing. On top of that, the hand and face massages at the end were very enjoyable. My skin is now thoroughly moisturised, plump, and brighter than before. The area around my eyes look more toned and less puffy too.

    Joint Artistic Director & Producer of Checkpoint Theatre, Claire Wong

  • My skin has always been on the dry side and I have trouble keeping it hydrated. Thankfully, the Stem Cell Caviar medifacial restored moisture to my skin, allowing it to breathe again. My face is also much brighter and has a glow to it.

    The Tesla is also a godsend for women! A 30-minute session with it is equivalent to 1,500 sit-ups as it triggers muscle contractions of up to 50,000 times. I highly recommend this body treatment to women after childbirth, especially if they need to strengthen their pelvic muscles and are tired of doing kegel exercises.

    Writer, CEO of motherswork, Sharon Wong |  @swwongsharon


    I have been struggling with the occasional acne flare-up and skin redness, and the Multi-Nutrient Glow was exactly what I needed. My skin cleared up post-facial and is visibly smoother and more radiant.

    Writer, Nikki Wong |  @wongnikki