Review: EPION Signia

  • I’ve never thought much about facials because I’ve been blessed with skin that is fairly low maintenance. But boy, was I wrong! After visiting EPION, I was amazed by how the EPION Signia upped my skincare game. I couldn’t stop admiring my skin after the treatment — I never knew my skin could be so smooth and supple. Seriously, it looked even better than I imagined!

    Co-Founder of Neue Fit, Grace Huang |  @thehuangergames


    The Multi-Nutrient Glow is perfect for my skin and was just what I needed. I particularly love the ultrasonic deep cleanse at the start and the warm revitalising mask that follows for intense nourishment. Typically, I’m used to colder masks but this warm mask by EPION is so soothing, it is the perfect way to end a facial. Overall, I’m feeling more refreshed and glad to have finally regained my glow!

    Host, presenter, and coach, Charmaine Yee |  @yeecharmaine