Review: Collagen Theraphy

  • The non-invasive Collagen Therapy brought my dry, dull, and tired skin back to life. Rich in antioxidants, it repairs and restores ageing skin by stimulating collagen production from within to smooth out fine lines and reduce large pores. My skin felt hydrated and firmer instantly after one session. The overall experience was great! From the moment you step into EPION, you are well taken care of by caring, knowledgeable, and friendly professionals

    Creative Director of LAANK, Cherin Tan |  @cherin_tan

  • My skin needs all the help it can get! (More on that later.) My first facial at EPION Aesthetics was the Stem Cell Caviar that proved to be not only effective but also luxurious — I’m sure many friends can attest to the experience and benefits.

    I’ve always had deplorably dry skin, probably from lack of hydration because I’m always too busy for self-care. I can now add tired, old skin on top of that. I’m doing the Collagen Therapy facial at the moment as I heard that it is helpful in many ways to boost collagen and the regeneration of old skin. I love the science behind it all and I’m looking forward to brighter, plumped up skin with more sessions.⁣

    Front liner, Dr Jade Kua |  @drjadekua

  • I’ve started to notice visible signs that my skin is ageing: loss of elasticity, dullness, and pigmentation. Hoping to remedy my concerns, I did the Collagen Therapy and Multi-Nutrient Glow medifacials at EPION Aesthetics and the results were immediately noticeable. Even my colleagues noticed the improvements straightaway!

    I felt like I had gone on a relaxing holiday and came back rejuvenated. Conveniently located in Orchard, this medisuite is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and has highly skilled therapists that are professional and attentive to your needs. What more could you ask for?”

    Owner of Embroidered Linen Fashion Brand, Bravo Collection, Nadia Bremner |  @nadiainasia