Review: Black Diamond Facial

  • I have extremely sensitive and problematic skin due to very poor skin maintenance in my younger days. In fact, I did not have a skincare routine until I was almost 30! As a young music student in Vienna and St. Petersburg, I only washed my face with hand soap and did not moisturise. (Imagine how cracked and parched my skin was from all those harsh winters.) Consequently, my dry skin would over-secrete oil leading to frequent breakouts (until now) and persistent redness. Though my skin has improved today, problems still linger — I’ve inherited an oily T-zone and slightly dry skin on the cheeks with blackheads and oversized pores.

    To remedy my oily, acne-prone skin, the skilled and professional staff at EPION recommended the Black Diamond Facial, a clarifying medifacial to combat skin roughness and excess sebum.

    First, the therapist deeply cleansed my skin with what I can only describe as a veritable, feel-good potion of wondrous aromas — removing all dirt, grime, and bacteria. Next, a wishlist of serums containing glucosamine, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid was used to soothe my skin. She proceeded to exfoliate my skin with a gentle but thoroughly effective Diamond Peel that removed dead skin cells and those nasty black- and whiteheads. This important step probably cleared the way for the serums to be better absorbed. Lastly, a charcoal mask helped to keep skin clear, smooth, and healthy. A final layer of hyaluronic acid serum was applied to further improve skin texture. Hurrah! 90 minutes of pure, refreshing goodness and no pain!

    In the past, I have never enjoyed going for facials. But this time, I loved every minute of EPION’s Black Diamond Facial and only wished it would last longer! My skin was miraculously clean, smooth, glowy, and looked as young and radiant as a baby’s bottom. I immediately signed up to return for more and I can’t wait for the next session!

    Artistic Director & Chief Conductor of Sichuan Symphony Orchestra and Founder & Director of Cardinal Editions, Darrell Ang |  @darrellang.music

  • I haven’t been active in the past year. Coupled with poor sleep habits, my skin has become dull, saggy, and less elastic. The Multi-Nutrient Glow really brightened, firmed, and lifted my appearance. It even changed my skin texture. My face is not only smoother, but also glowing. EPION has restored my radiance.⁣

    Creative Director and Brand Director of Foreign Policy Design, Yu Yah-Leng |  @yahlengyu


    I’ve been noticing age spots (both on my face and arms), patchiness, and facial ageing. I want to look refreshed and I guess that’s why I should pay more attention to myself. The Black Diamond Facial was a great — almost meditatitive — experience. It felt nice to do a facial together with Yah-Leng and take time off to treat ourselves. The results were beyond my expectations. My skin felt cleansed, light, and revitalised.⁣

    Creative Director and Brand Director of Foreign Policy Design, Arthur Chin |  @_arthurchin